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From 1900 to 1920
1924-1950 The begining of consumer phones
1950-1965 The new shapes
professionnal phones

From 1900 to 1920

Aboilard, 1902

Aboilard, 1903

Magnetic call boxes

Although first phones required two power sources, the first to supply the microphone, the second for the call generation, the magnetic call were quickly introduced.
Aboilard 1907

Aboilard set, 1907

They were used in conjuction with "regular" local battery phones , like this Aboilard from 1907. The Aboilard has been modified : it came on the first version with two earpieces and a front microphone, replaced later by an handset.

"Clean" phones

1910 à cornet

CTTH, 1920.

In the twenties, fashion inspire to the manufacturers, the hygienic handset. The basic idea was to avoid any contamination by mouth when using regular handsets : they were seen as one of the reasons of the illness contagion.
Thus, the shape of the cornet allowed the consumers to clean the microphone pipe, with the only help of a rag. Handset were named " monophone or diaphone" according to the manufacturer. Microphone and earpiece are installed in the superior parts, the strange shape playing a cast of a ear trumpet. It's a fashion, so that, these telephone were more expensive and they did'nt succed to prove that they were really hygienic.

CTTH, advertising from 1920.

1910 à cornet

Ericsson 1920, with SIT handset.

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