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1924-1950 The begining of consumer phones
1950-1965 The new shapes
Professionnal phones

1950-1965 The new shapes

The "frog" phones

One can name those kind of phones whith a strange design.


CIT - 1958

This phone looks like 60's cars. It is inspired on the U43, from which it take all the superior part. It was mainly used on private networks with one or two additional lines.

crapaud Telic blanc

Télic - 1970

This generation of phone is also the begining of te plastic used, replacing steel and Bakelite. Manufacturers are now able to change colors as they want. This small white phone with rounded shapes is a good example of the design improvement. It was generaly used in hotels.


CIT - 1962

As techniques of phones are improved, model are evolving. But strangely, we can find some phones where the electrical schematic uses oldest components. This phone has been designed in 60's but comes with an old handset from 30's.

crapaud Telic

Télic - 1960

One can consider this phone as the better example of Frog phones. This small shape was may be needed to save space but the result is strange...
"Ericofon"- 1956
Ericsson 56
The Ericofon produced since 1956 is one of the major improvement of phone's shape. Although it seems to be made arround a hand, it has some problems during test agreement : it was the first phone where the On hook / Off Hook function depends on how is was put. The test agreement were changed just after the Ericofon firsts sales in France.
"Ericofon"- 1965
Ericsson 65

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