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From 1900 to 1920
1924-1950 The begining of consumer phones
1950-1965 The new shapes
Professionnal phones

Professionnal phones

Military phones

A.O.I.P militaire

Military A.O.I.P, 1934.

Their principal characteristics are beeing strongness and to be able to work on any kind of network. That's why they are compatible with local and common batteries. Magneto and batteries are inside the case. They are easy to set up in any conditions.

US Army, 1943.

More than the ability to be connected on any network , they have a special function : one can use it as a spy (connected in parrallel on an existing line without beeing detected) . In this case, a push-to-talk button is used to transmit, like a semi-duplex radio.

Small switchboards

Tableau 1925

Hotel switchboard, 1925.

As soon as private installation increases, it becomes necessary to use a switchboard. They are mainly used as small networks inside an hotel or a factory

commutateur CTTH 1925

7 lines switchboard CTTH, 1935.

They are made of call sig. with metal plate (used also to memorize an incomming call) and switches to connect subscribers. Generally, subscriber's phones are not allowed to be connected directly on the network (see private phones). The switchboard is also an interface.
WEC 1910

Western Electric.

CTTH 1925

CTTH, 1925

This small switchboard has been manufactured during 30 years. The first version was based on the PTT24 (same handset and induction coil), the latest is close to the U43.

CTTH 1950

CTTH, 1955.

Switchboard extension

Multiple 8 voies

8 chanels switchboard extension

In big central phones, switchboards are generally very important. An operator have to manage about 200 subscribers with the same amount of jack plugs. When an operator does not have enough room in front of him, some extensions are installed near the primary switchboard.They are used to dispacth connections to an other operator.


Doseur micro

Microphone tuning tool, 1955

This strange tool has been used to quantify the amount of carbon in microphone. It is a laboratory tool and allowed engineers to check the electro-acoustic behavior of each kind of carbon (noise, sensivity) It has been used for U43 and S63 microphones.
Telephone de test

PTT24 Line tester

This test handset is made of a classical PTT24 handset with a dialer. It do not have any inductor coil, nor a on/off hook. It was used to chek lines in dispachers and in country installations.

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