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History of communications according to...

  • France Telecom
  • The museun of Pleumeur-Bodou (by France telecom...)
  • History of Ericsson by Ericsson.
  • The chappe's telegraph history Where you will know more about the first telegraph system.
  • History of Telecommunications in Germany
  • Old phones according to...

  • Museumphones.
  • Coen, Dutch telephone collector.
  • Edward, His old phones collection.
  • The THG, By the Telephone heritage Group.
  • Sam, The old phones collection by Sam Hallas
  • Peter Walker , Old phones collector from UK.
  • Urs.
  • Alain Nice old french phones
  • Frédéric
  • Ken Bushell , many tips, links, and more...
  • The danish museun
  • Lucent Technologies - Bell Labs Museum
  • Antique Telephone History Website Nice place to visit, many links and infos.
  • Telephone's collector international

  • History of phones by Payton, worth seeing !
  • -New-

    Other than phones...

  • Antique search & more
  • Oursement Votre, the Teddy bears site
  • Few things about tube amps..., if Audio tube Amps is more than an other hobby for you, do not hesitate, have a look.

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