Les téléphones

From 1900 to 1920
1924-1950 The begining of consumer phones
1950-1965 The new shapes
Professionnal phones

1924-1950 The begining of consumer phones

The Marty 1910

Marty A.O.I.P - 1910
Marty 1910
The model Marty 1910 is one of the first devices made in mass production. It's a local battery-type and exist in mobile (means not wall mounted) version or wall version. One of the most popular version have been manufactured by the A.O.I.P., a french company which was specialized in small electro mechanism assembly
Marty 1910 internal view
Marty 1910 internal view

Marty 1910 Wall mount.

Marty 1910
The wall mont is often associated with a wooden support equipped with a chest intend to primary batteries who gave to it the nickname of salt box. We essentially find it in the french country where his reputation of robustness will assure it a carrier till the end of the sixties.
1910 mounting diagram
Marty 1910 intérieur

Marty 1941

Marty 1941 mobile.

It has been redesigned in 1941 with a PTT24 based handset and a new fork.

Marty auto

Marty 1941 & dialer.

The whole network has not been changed at the same time. For this reason, we can find some strange phones which were originaly designed to work as local battery modified for a common battery AND automatic network. This Marty1941 equiped with a dialier is a good example.

The PTT24 series

PTT24 mural

PTT24 mobile.

In 1922, French administration ask to manufacturers to design a unique type of phones. The PTT 24 is choosen in 1924 from where come its name. It was since the beginning foresee for the automatic network but it exists in local battery version. It's electrical characteritics are very goog (microphone is very sensitive and it's very robust).
PTT24 mural

PTT24 Wall mount.

It has been also designed for wall mounting, but the shape is far less attractive.
PTT24 Grammont

PTT24 Grammont.

This strange "low profile" phone is intended to be a PTT24. Although it uses oldest components, such as its handset, it fulfil the requirements of the new networks.

The U43 series

U43 mobile.

The phones which have been the first designed to be used by everybody is the U43.
It was made to comply with the following statements :
  • To be universal, means one can connect it on either common or local battery, automatic or manual switchbard networks
  • The cost should be less than previous ones like PTT24
  • The war restriction caused lack of steel : all its components should use other materials

  • Because of that last requirements, it is made of Bakelite, which can be easely molded.

    Ericsson 1931 and U43.

    It has been designed by Société des Téléphones Ericsson, the french branch of Ericsson located near Paris. Its shape is based on the Ericsson 's 1931 model. It is named U43, where U means Universal, and 43 its birthdate.

    U43 ivoire

    U43 ivoiry, "Luxe" version

    It was at the begining only made in black. Few years later, as the users demanded new style phones, the Ivory color appeared
    U43 a magneto

    U43 magnetic call

    Finally, a second version came in 1955 with a full compatibility with old and new networks, like this hybrid common battery with magnetic call model. It was always given to users by the operator until 1980's.

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