The unique screen saver on "Old French Phones"

16 original pictures of phones, from 1892 to 1963, compatible with Win95/98/Me.

Ho to proceed ?

  • Download L2L1.EXE (1.5Mb).
  • Rename the file L2L1.EXE in L2L1.SCR.
  • Copy the file L2L1.SCR in your system directory (usually c:\windows\system).
  • Click on the left mouse button -> PROPERTIES ->SCREEN SAVER.
  • Choose L2L1
  • You can check the installation by clicking on PREVIEW

  • Right of Use

  • This screen saver is Free. However, you are not allowed to sell or distribute it in any way without agreement of the author.
  • All pictures are original, and come from the author's collection.
  • You are not allowed to extract pictures or source code of the file.

  • Copyright V. Lomba, Sept 2000